Nothing tops off the day better than a traditional shore dinner! 

The traditional shore dinner dates back to the late 1800’s when oarsmen, now know as guides would row passengers in their skiffs to and from fishing grounds. Stopping midday at an island they would cook a noonday meal of the morning’s catch.

Captain Snyder will escort you to a private island equipped with a gazebo to prepare the day's catch. Enjoy swimming and snorkeling while your shore dinner is expertly prepared.

Your fish will be cleaned and fried in the true "island" tradition.  The menu consists of bacon lettuce tomato sandwich appetizers, tossed salad with Thousand Island dressing, fresh pan fried fish, salt potatoes, guide’s famous French toast for dessert accompanied with guides coffee.

You haven't lived until you've had a traditional shore dinner, prepared by this St. Lawrence River Fishing Guide!

When booking your charter, mention to Capt. Snyder that you wish to experience a shore dinner for just $25 per person.